Root Zone

root zone delivery nationwide

Lintrade is an established supplier of quality top dressing and rootzone mixtures to the sports turf industry. All blends are produced using high purity silica sand.

Products are washed,screened,graded and blended using only the state of the art equipment. Quality is assured by onsite laboratory which utilises the latest computer based testing procedures.

Ideal for all green, tee and sport pitch construction.

A nationwide delivery is available, and we also offer a discount for larger orders.

Root Zone

ClassificationSieve sizesRZ3C
Coarse gravel8.0 - 4.0mm0.2
Fine gravel4.0 - 2.0mm0.2
Very coarse sand2.0 - 1.0mm0.3
Coarse sand1.0 - 0.5mm26
Medium sand0.5 - 0.25mm63.7
Fine sand0.25 - 0.125mm7.1
Very fine sand0.125 - 0.063mm1.9
Clay / silt0.063 - down0.6
Free lime content-trace